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Comment here with any sort of constructive criticism or suggestions you might have! Comments are totally screened, so I promise there will be no negative repercussions. ^_^ It's just between you and me.

Edit: Also, I really really appreciate it when people give post-crit feedback. It helps me know if my "fixes" are actually working or not. Thanks so much!

Permissions Post~

Hey guys, thanks for visiting my Permissions Post!

For those who may not be familiar with the character, Robin possesses a Devil's Fruit ability called the Hana Hana no Mi. Essentially, a Devil's Fruit is the One Piece world's version of radioactive spiders or mutagen. The Hana Hana no Mi (or Flower Flower Fruit) allows Robin the ability to "sprout" parts of her body in different places like some flowers sprout additional stalks from the same base.

Here's where the potential for conflict begins. Robin often uses her ability directly on other people. Usually, she's simply being helpful/efficient. But that is also the basis of her fighting style. In an RP setting, this makes it difficult, since "godmodding" is acting in a way that doesn't allow the other character the opportunity to dodge or counter. In the past, I have delayed tagging until I've had a chance to contact the mun OOC (usually via AIM, sometimes via PM). Considering that my hours have shifted to early AM MST and most people are on in the late afternoons, though, this has proven to be somewhat unfeasible. Hence, the reason for a permissions post. I'm hoping it will streamline tagging, at least with those she interacts with often. Oh! And obviously any major harm or potential death or anything like that will still be discussed ooc because yeah. You just. Talk about those things first. This is more for like, idk. Punching and tickling and stuff.

Another little something I'd like to experiment with is spying. Robin's ability allows her to put eyes and ears in little nooks and crannies, so she often knows information that others think is private. She even spies on her own crew. It isn't always malicious. She's just curious. Or nosy. Take your pick on the slant you wanna take. In order to work this out in an RP and allow the muns to not be blindsided and consequently accuse me of blatant "ooc knowledge seeping ic", I thought I would try making an OOC comment in the post she's spying on, with a note letting those involved know that she sees/hears and therefore knows what's going on. Those involved can then either A- approve said ooc comment, or deny it. I know that sometimes people really do want their private conversations to be just that. Private. I will be respectful of denied spying. Just don't go deleting my notes, so I can keep track of what's been approved and denied. Er, example, since that seems like it's really unclear.

Let's say Zoro makes a post and er... he and Usopp get into a private discussion about their toenails. Robin's feeling particularly nosy that day, so I'd make a comment with a header stating "This comment isn't here" or something to that effect. In the comment, I'd put an ooc note saying something similar to the following:"ooc: Robin's totally got an eye sprouted over Zoro's shoulder, watching in amusement as his conversation with Usopp plays out. Is this alright with you?" Zoro's mun could then respond with "Yeah, sure." or "No, not cool this time." I'd respond once more, just so that Zoro's mun knows I got the message with a "Got it" or something to that effect. That's all. Assuming Zoro's mun said yes, when Robin goes and teases Zoro about his toenails later, even though Zoro freaks, the mun would know that it's possibly coming, and we can just have fun with it, rather than the mun going "wait, how does she know that? Is this OOC knowledge for her that she's using IC? Cuz grr, I don't like it when people do that."

Make sense? Ok.

Oh, and if you have another better idea of how to do that? I'm totally open to suggestions.

That's... probably a little tl;dr. Thanks for reading! I look forward to having a great time playing with everyone. Please fill out the little meme thing for me.

Siren's Pull Strawhat Crew Post!

We all have crazy odd hours from each other, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a post where we can all communicate with each other. So, here's the plan:

Clicky here for THE PLANCollapse )


[Action] / [Voice]

TL;DR action cut for f-list friendliness!Collapse )

Here's a new look for fellow fashionistas: bird wings paired with fish tails. Seems the Malnosso are fans of mixing genres.

So, has anyone set up camp near the sea yet? It'll be a bit dull, waiting out the effects of this particular experiment on my own.

[Action] Everyone come pester!

[Anyone who wasn't drafted and tends to frequent the library may have noticed a lanky, raven-haired woman poring through what appears to be a mountain of books. Normally, such activity would cause an expression of complete rapture, but today- as yesterday and the day before- Robin's brow merely furrows in frustration tainted by anger. No one is certain, really, at what point she entered the library. Eventually, she begins to nod every so often, sitting straight and shaking her head after each time. But it's a losing battle she fights, on two fronts.

There is very little information on this Third Party, and the war being waged. And soon enough, Robin's head drops to the book in front of her. Sleep, it seems, has declared itself the victor.]


[A quick recorded entry, more in the style of a public service announcement than an actual journal entry.]

It seems the owl food I brought home has decided to make itself scarce. If you see any scurrying about, Spirit-chan prefers living prey. Please act accordingly. Thank you.

[ooc: Yup, the box full of mice she brought home chewed a nice, mouse sized hole in the side of the cardboard. There are about a dozen mice running around House 6 now. Because half the crew being chibi/ninja/personalitybent/genderbent/what-have-you wasn't nearly enough. ♥]

Being Recycled Again. >.>

⇑ ⇑ ⇑


All entries made previous to this one are part of the somarium continuity—any entry made after is part of another game, separate and unrelated!

If you're part of Somarium, please remove this journal from your f-lists!


⇓ ⇓ ⇓

Dream 01 [Plus a bit of action]

[The sun burns bright against slowly shifting dunes, the glare from the sand almost too bright to look at. A low wind is scattering grains of it across the entire landscape. The ones that whip against Robin's shins sting.

A sense of foreboding, and a large, dark shadow slowly creeps up from behind as distant laughter, staccato, grates against her ears- or perhaps it is only the memory of it. The shadow, broad and encompassing, makes a distinct silhouette. Robin panics and begins to run. Anyone experiencing this via Dreamberry will find themselves suddenly thinking of crocodiles.

The wind picks up, tossing thick tendrils of sand at her. Robin covers her face with her arms, increasing the effectiveness by using her ability to create a circular shield, but it doesn't seem to help. Grit gets in her nose, so she tries breathing through her mouth. The sand only gets inside that much quicker, becoming part of her, hardening her body so that she cannot feel or move. A dune rushes toward her, crashing against her, swallowing her up. She tries to break free, but can't. As the light diminishes, she (and the viewers at home) feels a stabbing pain through her chest.

The dream ends abruptly.]

[Robin woke up tangled in her blanket, head covered. She did not see the Dreamberry glowing faintly on the stand near her bed. By the time she'd sorted herself and the bedding, the dream had already mostly faded.]